1. Salient features:

    1. Retired employees of the Bank and his/her spouse will be eligible for the benefits under the scheme, provided they apply for membership within one year from the date of retirement, subject to acceptance of his/her application by the Managing Committee.

    2. The retired employee will be called “Primary Member” and the spouse will be called “Secondary Member”.

    3. The Primary and Secondary members will together constitute a Family Unit.

    4. The scheme will cover existing retired employees, their spouses and the spouses of deceased retired.

    5. On the death of the retired employee, the spouse (Secondary Member) will continue to be covered under the scheme for reimbursement of hospitalization expenses.

    6. The retired employees and their spouses will be covered under the scheme only if they are not gainfully employed. Gainfully employed means those who are in employment and receiving a monthly salary/wages of Rs.2,550/- or more.

  2. Membership eligibility:

    1. Those who have been allowed to retire from the services of the Bank on medical grounds and are not gainfully employed.

    2. Those who have taken voluntary retirement from the service of the Bank in terms of provisions of Union Bank of India Officers’ Service Regulation 1979, Union Bank of India Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2000-01 or under any other similar scheme and are not gainfully employed. However, they will be eligible to be covered under the scheme only after completion of 60 years of age.

    3. Those who have taken voluntary retirement from the service of the bank in terms of provisions of Union Bank of India Employees’ Pension Regulation 1995 after completion of 55 years of age or 30 years of service in the Bank and not gainfully employed. However, they will be eligible to be covered under the scheme only after completion of 60 years of age.

    4. Those who have ceased to be in the service of the Bank or who will cease to be in the service of the Bank for reasons other than those mentioned above will not be eligible for membership and benefits under the scheme.

    5. One-time membership fee will be as under:







      Sub staff



      Pre-1986 Retirees



  3. Procedure for applying for membership:

    1. A retired employee of the Bank eligible under the scheme and who desires to become a member, will have to submit an application in the prescribed format (ANNEXURE-VII) and deposit the membership contribution by means of Bank Draft/local Cheque payable at Mumbai, drawn in favour of “Union Bank of India Retired Employees’ Medical Assistance Scheme” with Personnel Administration Division, HRM Department , Central Office, Mumbai (IBR Code No. 580040). Cash or outstation Cheque will not be accepted.

    2. The application for Membership will be forwarded through the Branch /Office where the employee had last worked or the Pension Paying Branch or the Branch where the Savings Bank account of the Family Unit is maintained.

    3. The Branch where the Savings Bank account of the Family Unit is maintained for the credit of reimbursement under the Scheme will be called “Nominated

  4. Benefits:

    1. Reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses will be restricted to 100% of the total expenses incurred in case of Primary member and 75% in case of Secondary Member subject to limits prescribed under the Scheme for Reimbursement of Hospitalisation Expenses for Officers/Award Staff now in force in the Bank or Rs.10000/- per claim, whichever is less in case of minor ailments. In case of major ailments, the same rules will be followed subject to the condition that the reimbursement will be restricted to Rs.75000/- per claim or the limits prescribed under the scheme, whichever is less.

    2. For the purpose of determining the rate of reimbursement the cadre of the employee (Officer/Award Staff) at the time of superannuation/voluntary retirement etc. will be taken into account.

    3. The total reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses will be permitted up to a maximum of Rs.75000/- (Rupees Seventy Five Thousand Only) to the Family Unit during the entire currency of membership under the scheme.

    4. Major / minor ailments will be as defined in the scheme in vogue in Bank for Reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses applicable to Officers / Award staff, as the case may be and the amount of reimbursement will also be calculated on the same lines.

    5. Submission of Original bills/receipts/certificates is necessary. However, if the members are holders of any Medi-Claim policy taken by them individually, then they can claim reimbursement under this scheme for the balance amount not settled by the Insurance Company, on the basis of the certificate/sanction letter of the Insurance Company. However, the reimbursement will be as per the rules existing in the Bank for such cases.

    6. Eligible Retired Employees (who are members of UBIREMAS) will now be allowed to undergo diagnostic tests of their choice costing not more than Rs.1000/-- Per financial year with the advice of Doctor operating at Banks Medical clinic, wherever Medical Clinic is near to the residence of retirees. In case of the retirees who are staying away from Bank’s Medical Clinic, they can undergo these tests on the advice of their family doctor. Such retirees can undergo these tests at any of the nearest Diagnostic Centres and can claim reimbursement by submitting application in the prescribed format for reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses being used under UBIREMAS. The Retirees should enclose alongwith the application, the original bills/receipts evidencing payment to diagnostic centre. The application should be submitted through their Nominated branches.

    7. It may be noted that the retirees may be advised not to submit the claims in piecemeal basis. Such claims should not exceed more than two per financial year.

  5. Funds :

    1. An account in the name and style of “Union Bank of India Retired Employees’ Medical Assistance Scheme” will be opened for this purpose. The membership fees collected from the members will be credited to this designated account.

    2. The Staff Welfare Committee, out of the approved budget for each financial year will allocate separate budget for meeting the claims under the scheme. Such allocations will be made in the yearly budget and will be approved by Staff Welfare Committee.

    3. Depending on the claims that may be received from Branches/offices, funds will be transferred from the Bank’s Welfare Fund to the designated account under the scheme for meeting the claims.

    4. The funds or any portion thereof will be invested by the Managing Committee either in deposit with the Bank or in such securities approved under the Income Tax Act 1961.

    5. The Managing Committee will administer the funds.

    6. The earnings on investments will be subject to tax or statutory provisions as may be applicable from time to time.

    7. Surplus amount available in the designated account will also be reinvested either in Bank deposits or in approved securities as stated above.

  6. Administration of the Scheme
    The Managing Committee will administer the scheme with the following members:

    1. Chairman & Managing Director / Executive Director

    2. General Manager (HRM)

    3. An executive at Central Office to be nominated by the Chairman & Managing Director and / or Executive Director.

    4. A representative from the recognized majority Officer’s Association.

    5. A representative from the recognized majority Employees’ Union.

    6. Deputy General Manager / Assistant General Manager in HRM Department will be the Member Secretary.

    7. The Managing Committee will authorize any two or more of its members to operate/administer the bank account, investments of corpus money and carry out the day-to-day administration.

    8. The Managing Committee will meet at least once in each quarter or more frequently, if required.

    9. The Managing Committee will formulate the detailed procedure to be followed for the day-to-day administration of the scheme including membership and other forms and control records etc.

    10. The surplus money available in the designated account will be invested in the Bank deposits, Govt. securities, Public Sector Bonds etc. as is permissible under the law in the name of “Union Bank of India Retired Employees’ Medical Assistance Scheme”.

    11. The income generated out of investment or corpus of the fund will also be credited to this designated account and will be utilized for settlement of claims.

    12. The said account will be operated by two or more members of the Managing Committee, which will be decided by a Resolution of the Committee.

    13. A Chartered Accountant, approved by the Managing Committee, will audit the accounts of the fund/scheme every year, cost of which will be borne by the Bank.

  7. Procedure for claiming reimbursement:

    1. The application for reimbursement under the scheme will be submitted in the prescribed format (ANNEXURE-VIII).

    2. The Applicant should submit the application for reimbursement to the Nominated Branch along with all the original bills/receipts/certificates.

    3. Nominated Branch will forward the application to the Regional Office under whose jurisdiction it falls after duly verifying the same.

    4. Regional Office will process the claim on the lines similar of the schemes in vogue for Reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses for Officers and Award staff.

    5. The Medical Officer attached to the Regional/Zonal Office will verify the processed claim.

    6. The Regional Head will be the Competent Authority to sanction the claim under the scheme.

    7. Regional Office will debit the sanctioned amount to “POB Account – Central Office” and issue Authority Cheque in favour of the Nominated Branch for crediting of the Savings Bank account of the Family Unit.

    8. Regional Office will send the POB Claim to Personnel Administration Section, Department of Personnel, (8th Floor), Central Office, Mumbai, along with a copy of the sanctioned application.

    9. The original application claiming reimbursement of hospitalization expenses along with the original bills/receipts/certificates will be preserved at Regional Office. A copy of the same shall be sent to COPAS, for inspection by the Bank’s Inspecting Officials.

    10. Nominated Branch will, on receipt of the Authority Cheque from Regional Office and after crediting Savings Bank account of the Family Unit, update the Membership Card.

    11. Where the retired employee and/or his/her spouse or the spouse of the deceased retired employee has opted for being insured under the Medi-Claim policy by an Insurance Company and reimbursement received from the Insurance Company falls short of the actual expenditure, he/she may have incurred in respect of his/her hospitalization, the Bank will reimburse to the Member to the extent of shortfall subject to the ceiling of employee’s otherwise entitlement under the Bank’s Hospitalisation scheme. For this purpose, the Bank will accept true copies of the bills and invoices certified by the Insurance Company in respect of hospitalization expenses.

    12. The Members should submit only genuine and reasonable claims under the scheme.

    13. In case false claims are found to have been submitted by any member, not only will he/she forfeit the benefits under the scheme but his/her membership will also be cancelled. Membership fee paid will also be forfeited.

    14. The Bank or the Managing Committee will not be responsible for any tax liability devolving on a member, arising out of reimbursement of medical expenses under the scheme.

  8. Winding up:
    In the event of the Scheme being rendered unviable for any reason considered proper by the Managing Committee, it shall place its recommendations before the Staff Welfare Committee to wind up the scheme. The contributions received from the members will be disposed off in a manner to be decided by the Staff Welfare Committee.

  9. General:

    1. The Managing Committee will review the Scheme every year.

    2. The review will cover modifications in the scheme including inter-alia, improvement in the procedures, feasibility of upgrading the existing benefits in terms of reimbursement etc.

    3. All matters/disputes arising out of and/or interpretation of the rules of the scheme will be referred to the Managing Committee whose decision will be final.

    4. Any amendment to the scheme or the rules thereof will be effected with the approval of the Managing Committee.

    5. The accounts of the scheme will be audited every year to examine, among other things that the scheme is being used for the intended purpose.

    6. The Managing Committee can switchover to an arrangement with Insurance Companies for administration of the scheme if warranted in future

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